Far in the future, on a rugged mining world in a distant part of the galaxy, a bank employee is driven to the brink when he finds himself confronting a desperate bank robber. Click here for a free download of the story! Or buy the kindle version on Amazon for 99 cents.


"I am engaged in the language of the author and find his writing exciting and spellbinding."


"Loved the build-up... all the way to the ending."


"Great read!! Would highly recommend!!"

"Star-Trekky, good action, and a twist at the end. Very nice."


A weird Sci-Fi war story. The spaceship battle at the edge of the Orion Nebula had been long and costly, and it wasn’t over yet, not even after six days of fighting. On the beginning of the seventh day, Captain Ian Wexler, at his command chair, gazed over the scorched, battered bridge of the Barfleur. This wasn’t over.

Appearing in The Weird and Whatnot: July 5, 2019. In the far future, the totalitarian Rigelian Imperium controls much of the galaxy. A rebel force has risen up to battle the Imperium's tyranny, but things have not gone well for the rebellion. In the aftermath of a disastrous raid to liberate a POW slave colony, a badly crippled rebel battleship is forced to dispatch a small raiding party on a high-stakes mission to obtain desperately needed fuel from the remote Rigelian Imperium mining colony on Cygni IV.

“Interesting, fun and satirical.”

In the spirit of the old Twilight Zone, a weird science fiction short story, available for free at the Theme of Absence web-zine. Researcher Brian Hampton frowned as he gazed about the lavishly furnished conference room atop a high-rise in downtown Geneva. Where was everybody--the other thirty distinguished professors and scientists who were supposed to be gathered here around this conference table? This was the designated time to set the Countdown Timepiece, the symbolic clock designed to alert the planet to how close it was to Zero Hour-the straight-up position on the Timepiece's unique clock face-and Armageddon.


"An engaging and funny space opera."

Richard L. Rubin's short story Commander Saturn and the Deadly Invaders from Rigel appears in Issue #4 of Broadswords and Blasters magazine. An action-packed, pulp fiction space adventure in the tradition and spirit of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon!

Appearing in Issue #7 of Broadswords and Blasters magazine: Commander Saturn and the Pirates of Ganymede, the exciting sequel to the space commander’s adventure in Issue #4. Commander Saturn and his sidekicks are summoned to the asteroid mining colony on Ceres where a band of pirate raiders have been robbing mining shipments.

"A great Gothic horror story which portrays evil very well."

A modern day ghost story, available for free at the Theme of Absence web-zine. A chill crawled down his spine as Captain Julian Escobar led his small militia detail through the empty streets of the old Spanish village. His irregular assignment was not to Escobar’s liking; this was not a good night for removing a body from its tomb—as if any night was.

Set in the near future, this speculative flash fiction tale tells the story of a young couple's dangerous encounter with the ultimate virtual reality machine. Available for FREE as the February 2018 Dark Fiction selection at Eastern Iowa Review!

“I love the combination of sci fi and western.”

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, this lighthearted weird western stars two daring lawmen who face off against an evil mad scientist and the rampaging dinosaurs he brings back from the past!  Published in the Aurora Wolf Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy , Volume 9, Issue 4.

An classic-style sword and sorcery yarn, starring a cynical mercenary hired by an aging lord to rescue the lord’s bastard daughter from her apprenticeship to a cruel sorceress. A tale of twists and turns and High Adventure. Published in the Aurora Wolf Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Volume 9, Issue 7.


The ultimate space opera anthology, full of stories of rebellion, ambition and supersonic, hyperbolic aerial dogfights that will leave you shaken and stirred by both G-force and unashamed conflict.

The Empire has been expanding, but its star cruisers can venture no further until a spacedrive is invented that can cross the unimaginable gulfs between this galaxy and Andromeda. The ensuing revolt will set the Galaxy at war. When it is gone, what will take its place? Freedom? Or a tyranny far worse?

As the human race expands throughout the Solar System, the lawless region between Mars and Jupiter becomes a battleground as frontiersmen, space pirates, prospectors and mining combines struggle for supremacy.

The stories in this collection expose The Weird West, the tales of monsters, astonishing creatures and marvelous phenomenon. This book contains two short stories by Richard. These stories have it all -- daring western lawmen, ruthless bank robbers, mad scientists, vicious dinosaurs (!) -- all set in a weird western town located in a future post-apocalyptic America.






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